Samsung ST65 ST67| Manual and user guide in PDF

 Samsung ST65 ST67| Manual and user guide in PDFSamsung ST65 ST67. This camera offers great performance in a slim design . With a thickness of only 17 mm, the ST65 is thin enough to carry in your pocket wherever you go.

Detailed features of the Samsung ST65 ST67.

Always carry the most stylish compact camera and with more style and also in 4 fascinating colores.Increíblemente small , with only 82 x 51.9 x 16.9 mm , making it the camera with the world’s smallest zoom. You can take it anywhere, anytime. And thanks to its elegant design will become one of your fashion accessories.

A completely new vision. Get more from your lens, whether you’re doing an amazing scenery or a group of friends around a table for a photo . By using a wide-angle 27mm lens with 5x optical zoom , you instantly ST65 ST67 covers a wider field of vision. Now, you can capture memories of large-scale landscapes , wedding photos full or the tallest skyscrapers.

Funny effects make every photo unique . Smart Filter and color choices bring a special touch to your photos and videos. The tilt & shift effect gives your photos a miniaturized look, while the effect bullet offers strong contrasts compositions . Among the new special effects include: the ” soft focus “that softens the colors and adds a more emotional feel to the image and the “halftone dot effect” to give your images an appearance of comic book effect. The color effects, such as sketch and defog , add an emotional and realistic touch.

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