Samsung ST150F ST151F ST152F ST72 ST73 User Manual PDF

Samsung ST150F ST151F ST152F ST72 ST73 manual and users guidesSamsung ST72 ST73 ST150F ST151F ST152F . Get the best images wherever you go with the ST72 camera, prepared with a target light F2 , 5 to 25 mm and 16.2 megapixels.

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With your camera when you go to a concert or a play , a place will be the best to sit if you want to make a good photo. 5x optical zoom allows you to even big plans last.

Are you in the front row ? With its wide-angle 25 mm , you can capture the scene in a single image. In addition, the combination of 16 megapixels and F2 Goal 5 will allow you to get photos with the highest quality, even in low light conditions .

The 3″ LCD offers better contrast and more accurate color reproduction. And thanks to his wise choice, it is able to automatically detect ambient light and adjust the display brightness for optimal image quality.

You can record video in 720p HD MPEG quality at 30 frames per second with the same quality and sharpness of a digital camcorder. Records videos in HD quality anywhere.

With Motion Photo you freeze time around the object you are photographing to create original images.

You can capture a friend dance while everyone is still there as if it was a Hollywood movie . Record what you want, select the area you want and the rest of your screen will freeze . So easy.

Smart Auto analyzes key elements of your composition and adjusts the photo has 16 video and 4 always get the perfect picture automatically.

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