Samsung Smart TV F6200AW | Manual and user guide PDF

Samsung Smart TV F6200AW | Manual and user guide PDF Samsung Smart TV F6200AW. The new Samsung Smart TV you not only hear, but understand you. The S Recommendation feature can learn your tastes and recommend audiovisual content in more issue that suit your tastes and habits.

Detailed features of the Smart TV F6200AW.

Make fast multitasking with its dual core. The incredible speed of the dual core allows you to perform multiple tasks at once, such as using an application while you are downloading other. Furthermore, you’ll surf the Internet quickly, while running applications or see the latest TV programs to feature Recent History.

We present a whole new reality in Full HD. Enjoy a level of realism never seen. With a resolution two times higher than a standard HD TV, a Smart TV gives you an incredible immersive viewing experience that will make you dive into the screen. When you check the richness and texture of your images Full HD, your favorite shows and series will not return to the same thing. Discover a new reality through the Full HD experience.

The most attractive design. The design “One Design” from Samsung improves both your TV viewing experience, like the inside of your house. This design elegantly combines the screen with an ultra-thin frame, so you have a perfect viewing experience without boundaries.

Watch your favorite sports in the best way there is. With your Samsung TV, you can always enjoy your favorite sports with the best quality. The Sport mode allows you to add fantastic features and a shortcut to activate. This mode improves image quality for you to enjoy every detail with the best possible clarity. And thanks to its sound quality, you will create an atmosphere in your living room that has little to envy to the stadium.

Download USER GUIDE of Samsung Smart TV F6200AW

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