Samsung Smart TV F5400AW | Manual and user guide PDF

Samsung Smart TV F5400AW | Manual and user guide PDFSamsung Smart TV F5400AW. Samsung is changing, even more, how to access content on TVs. With five simple panels and an intuitive Smart Hub, you can search and enter your channels quickly and easily. With immediate access to the recommendations of your TV, you’ll see everything you like without having to investigate programming channels. Enjoy a variety of shows and movies on demand, access to applications available on your Smart TV to share content on Facebook and Twitter with your friends. Also, play your photos, video and music with your compatible devices.

Detailed features of the Samsung Smart TV F5400AW.

Discover your favorite moments with the best image quality. Enjoy the ultimate in image with the new Samsung Smart TV F5400AW. And to help you enjoy a better viewing experience, Clear Motion Rate acting for reproductions perceived brighter. Get a clear picture with Wide Colour Enhancer Plus and Full HD 1080P.

Make fast with its dual-core multitasking. The incredible speed of the dual core allows you to perform multiple tasks at once, such as using an application while you are downloading another. And you can surf the internet faster, while running applications or programs see latest TV feature Recent History.
Watch your favorite sports in the best way there is. With your Samsung Smart TV F5400AW, you can always enjoy your favorite sports with the best quality. The Sport mode allows you to add fantastic features and a shortcut to activate. This improves the image quality so you can enjoy every detail with the best possible clarity. And thanks to its sound quality, you will create an atmosphere in your living room that has little to envy to the stadium.

Images with brighter colors. The Enhancer Plus Wide Color Samsung technology uses an advanced algorithm to visibly improve image quality, getting tones and details that other broadcasters are unable to reproduce. Finally, you’ll see the colors as they really are with Wide Color Enhancer Plus.

Download USER GUIDE of Samsung Smart TV F5400AW

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