Samsung Smart TV F4500AW | Manual and user guide PDF

Samsung Smart TV F4500AW | Manual and user guide PDFSamsung Smart TV F4500AW. The new Samsung Smart TV you not only hear, but understand you. The S Recommendation characteristic can learn your tastes and recommend the audiovisual content broadcast that best suit your tastes and habits. Plus, you can enjoy thousands of applications and thematic channels which you can download from Samsung Apps Store. And all with unsurpassed image quality and, thanks to the dual core processor, a fluid browsing speed.

Detailed features of the Samsung Smart TV F4500AW.

The door to a revolutionary concept of entertainment. Samsung is changing, even more, how to access content on TVs. With five simple panels and an intuitive Smart Hub, you can search and enter your channels quickly and easily. With immediate access to the recommendations of your TV, you’ll see everything you like without having to investigate programming channels. Enjoy a variety of shows and movies on demand, access to applications available on your Samsung Smart TV F4500AW to share content on Facebook and Twitter with your friends. Also, play your photos, video and music with your compatible devices. Smart Interaction functionality may not be available in all languages​​. Operation of Smart Interaction vary depending on the language, pronunciation, voice and ambient noise and lighting levels. Some features may require firmware updates.

Make multitask fast with its dual core. The incredible speed of the dual core allows you to perform multiple tasks at once, such as using an application while you are downloading another. And you can surf the internet faster, while running applications or programs see latest TV feature Recent History.

Watch movies from your USB. With Connect Share Movie, simply plug your USB stick or hard disk to your TV and instantly have all your movies, photos and songs. Now, you can enjoy all your content on TV from the comfort of your couch.

Download USER GUIDE of Samsung Smart TV F4500AW

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