Samsung Smart TV ES8000S

Samsung-Smart-TV-ES8000S user guide pdf private vpsSamsung Smart TV ES8000S. The new era of home entertainment has come from the hand of the new Samsung Smart Interaction technology.

With the functions of voice and motion control, you can control your TV using gestures and voice both. Add to this the enhanced facial recognition and will have a new way to interact with your TV. From changing channels to surf the internet, watch TV has never been so interactive.

Samsung Smart TV ES8000S | User guide PDF español

Enter a world of entertainment with the new and improved content available, thanks to the last three Samsung Service: Kids, Fitness and Family Story. The application Samsung Kids combines entertainment with education. With Samsung Fitness can make your exercise routines in your own home, while Samsung Hub lets you not only keep the best family moments, but enjoy them on your Smart TV. And you can enjoy stunning 3D images in Full HD 3D Hand Explore. Enrich and transform your lifestyle with striking your TV Smart Hub Samsung.

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