Samsung Smart TV EH6030W | Manual and user guide PDF

Samsung Smart TV EH6030W | Manual and user guide PDF Samsung Smart TV EH6030W. Home entertainment in the field of Samsung LED TVs offer a totally new and thrilling viewing experience. Thanks to the latest 3D technology takes you to a new dimension in TV viewing fully absorbed.

Detailed features of the Samsung Smart TV EH6030W.

Sharper Image thanks to the LED backlight. Samsung’s LED-enhanced motion clarity now provides you with the most vivid colors and sharper images. LED backlight allows the display of normal LCD TVs wider color gamut, ensuring clearer and sharper images, more precise movement and increased image sharpness. Due to the better picture quality, contrast and richness of the LED screens are the smartest choice.

Brighter colors make the picture more beautiful. Samsung’s Wide Color Enhancer Plus technology improves pildiparandusalgoritmi improved significantly by using any of the image quality, and brings out the hidden details. Thanks to technology, Wide Color Enhancer Plus now you can see the colors in the way originally intended.

Discover Full HD with a new world for themselves. Enjoy your home entertainment more realistic than ever. Thanks conventional HD TVs, two times higher than the resolution of the Samsung Smart TV brings you a breathtaking viewing experience that pulls you out of the screen wholly engrossing world. Once you have seen the abundant and clear full-HD images, your favorite shows and films never the same again. Discover the reality through the high-definition experience.

Bring a complete multimedia experience in your living room. High-definition multimedia interfaces (High Definition Multimedia Interface – HDMI) Samsung TV turns your living room multimedia entertainment-center. HDMI high-definition interface allows rapid transfer of digital data from multiple devices straight to your TV.

Watch your movies on a USB device. Thanks ConnectShare Movie feature, you can easily connect your USB storage device to the TV for a moment and enjoy movies, photos or music. Now you can enjoy various contents comfortably in your living room, your TV screen.

Download USER GUIDE of Samsung Smart TV EH6030W

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