Samsung S22D390Q User manual in PDF

Samsung LED S22D390Q | Guide and user manual in PDF English

If you are one of those who like to train a computer by parts, we’re sure you know which monitors not only represent a significant investment , but at the same time represent an aspect that can be differentiated from the quality of the whole. And is that a computer with a monitor that is solvent, as this Samsung LED S22D390Q and allow us to enjoy a good picture today is something that is priceless. However, even though it may seem expensive, the Korean company Samsung has provided us with a very good range that maintains a relationship between what it costs and what it offers pretty good .

Samsung LED S22D390Q information.

The first thing that always attracts attention everyone this monitor is its design. And it is far more ornate designs of other companies , this Samsung offers a sleek minimalist design makes not any kind of distraction to see when everything is planned.

With a 21.5 inch must say that the consumption of this monitor is very limited, so we will not have problems when several hours to have it on if we want to , for example, enjoy our favorite movies or series. A luxury which, according to the mall where you buy, it is not very expensive.

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