Samsung MV800 User Manual in PDF

Samsung MV800 | Manual and user guide in PDF Samsung MV800. Want to make stunning photographs? Then what you need is to find the most unpredictable angles. Introducing the new Samsung camera with swivel screen, the MV800, which allows you to capture every detail in a totally different way.



Samsung MV800 User Manual in PDF

The Flip-out Display – Life, from all angles. Easily capture your unique perspective. The MV800’s 3.0″ Display flips up and down so you can frame shots at any angle without having to twist your body or bend your back. Snap a high-angle shot over a crowd to effortlessly capture a street performance, or get waist-level candids of your dog. Take low angle shots without getting on the ground, or spin the display all the way around for dazzling self-portraits.The LCD lets you stand the camera so everyone can enjoy from a comfortable position. Life’s more fun when you can cover all the angles.

With its wide angle lens you can shoot in any direction in search of the most artistic picture. Picture above your head or from a low angle , to get the best shot . It then uses its rotating base as to hold the camera and play all your pictures and screen.

Swivel Screen – Your life from all angles. Photography from a unique perspective . Display 3.0 ” allowing your MV800 turns shooting from any angle without you have to twist or bend . Take a picture above the crowd to see a street or take a snapshot of your dog by simply turning the screen of your camera. You can even take pictures at ground level without having to stoop or even self-portraits to completely rotate the screen . You will see life is much more fun when you can view it from any angle.

An amazing design that will capture your full attention. Your camera MV800 has a care to the smallest detail , slim, sober, minimalist , as impressive as its design features . With a gleaming metal housing , the front of your camera stand out from the crowd with its buttons and objective. And all this just add to its impressive touch screen 3.0.

Become a pro thanks to its great image quality. Customize your home screen with Smart Touch 3.0. Shows the two sides of the story with the option Photography picture in picture.

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