Samsung LED S19C150F | User manual in PDF

Samsung LED S19C150F | User manual in PDF

If something this Samsung LED S19C150F has a very minimalist style but at the same time does not decrease even an iota of brilliance and dignity. And it seems incredible that I have a small design , remember that this monitor is 19 inches , can adapt to all the Korean technology company . Technology that makes our service so in our workplace or in our house shall remain glued to your screen does not pose a burden at all. And all this with a relatively small for the type of monitor you are talking power .

Samsung LED S19C150F information

The first thing to say is that you have this 19 inch monitor is a perfect complement to the resolution you have. It also has a technology that allows you , at any point of view, with a resolution of bright high contrast between all kinds of colors .

Regarding the response time that is true , 5 milliseconds , is a little larger than other monitors of the same series, but it seems really low time ever offer us a picture of a very high quality look where you look. And all this with a value for money that no longer correspond to the overall market and in the monitor market in particular.

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