Samsung Galaxy Y Pro

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro user manual pdf

The Samsung Galaxy Y Pro is one such smartphone from Samsung that has all the appearances of a BlackBerry. One aspect that at the beginning of the Samsung Galaxy range, users required a lot.

Samsung Y Pro Features

But I must say, unequivocally, that this smartphone from Samsung is designed for users who today do not have a mobile phone, or if they have one, they want a terminal functional and cheap. Because if something can boast this smartphone from Samsung is one of those cheap phones so rare today’s market.

In addition, although not being a great device, provided a more adequate system 2.6 inch Android OS, the Gingerbread version of 160 MB internal memory, expandable to 32 GB. And all this, moreover, with some exceptional multimedia features like a 3MP main camera with which we can leave more of a dilemma as to take pictures is concerned. Who does not want your cheap and specifications of devices how are you so competitive that we have shown? Also, take the opportunity and download the user manual of this smartphone, in the link we offer below some. That way you can squeeze the most of their chances.

Download user manual of Samsung Galaxy Y Pro

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