Samsung Galaxy Trend lite | Manual and user guide PDF

Samsung Galaxy Trend lite | Manual and user guide PDFSamsung Galaxy Trend lite. This smartphone commanded by Android Jelly Bean lets you navigate smoothly and neatly display your content in 4 “display. Enjoy all the possibilities offered by this smartphone user manual pdf.

Detailed features of the Samsung Galaxy Trend lite.

Have a great time on your screen 4 “. You no longer have to strain your eyes trying to read a text on your smartphone, or miss the finest details of your photos and videos. The 4″ display Trend Galaxy Lite lets you browse Internet or reading emails comfortably, plus enjoy images with enormous clarity and precision. Have fun with your favorite content on the new Samsung Galaxy Tren Lite.

With integrated Jelly Bean. The new Samsung Galaxy trend Lite incorporates Jelly Bean Trend, a more ordered interface and new features for you to enjoy an experience of fun and easy user.

The Samsung Galaxy Trend lite we can see that it has been trimmed in the camera, from 5-3 megapixels. On the plus side, there are FM radio, and modem included is faster (14.4 instead of 7.2 Mbps). The Trend Galaxy Lite has been released with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean going to have a slightly faster version of its big brother, better management of resources and thus giving it the “same” processing speed.

Download USER GUIDE of Samsung Galaxy Trend lite

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