Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo. The Neo model leader of the South Korean brand device brings a “Neo” version with much better compared to the other versions Galaxy S5. Let’s have a look!

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo Manual and user guide PDF
Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo Manual and user guide PDF

Within the manual you will find details and specifications that make this device rather than his brothers S5.

For starters we can see that has a Super AMOLED screen and better enable us to see our multimedia files with brighter colors and sharper. The Galaxy S5 Neo optimizes the screen so you can have the best experience wherever you are.

Manual and User Guide of Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

The device is solid and has been certified IP67 against dust and water. Very important to note that the device is waterproof but only when shipped, that is, if we fall and water gets into it, almost certainly we will lose the guarantee.

The main chamber of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo is 16 MP and 5 MP rear. No need to worry about having bad photos, if so, we must get our act together as it will be our fault.

Photo and clear videos in low light conditions thanks to its openness and total selfies F1.9 Wide selfie the function.

Being compatible with Samsung S Health system you can measure and manage your personal activities to sync on your device or wearables have full control of your evolution.

Under the main chamber is the heart rate monitor to help us meet our heart rate at all times.

An eight-core processor at 1.6 GHz, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal memory and 2800 mAh battery makes this device a great option to consider. You can now download the manual to squeeze the maximum.

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