Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom | Manual and user guide PDF

Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom | Manual and user guide PDFSamsung Galaxy S4 zoom. It is unique, as every moment of your life. With a revolutionary design access to camera functions through the zoom ring, superior optics and fully customizable is a camera that your travel will be an adventure unique and unforgettable pictures.

Detailed features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom.

Near or far, with Optical 10x zoom you choose. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom reinvents the zoom control, with a fluid, easy-to-use digital control replaces traditional buttons and dials. Turn the zoom ring and get pictures with the precision of a professional, beautiful and amazing panoramic focusing effects.

Better performance in low light and moving. With advanced sensor technology, your photos come alive. The BSI CMOS (back-illuminated side) 16 megapixel sensor requires less light for proper exposure and offers faster than other conventional sensors approach. Thus, although Photoblog with low lighting, you’ll capture everything.

Photography with appropriate settings. Do not worry about the settings and start shooting like a pro. Just click on the Smart Mode button will direct you to a variety of special modes. Shot Drama uses to perform a sequence of photos with moving objects in a single picture, or for shooting Action Freeze action at high speed. Also, you can use Light Trace and show everyone that you have within the Picasso drawing light to capture the effects of advanced exposure. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom also allows you to add sound to your pictures to speak for themselves and they are the ones that tell what happened in their image, thanks to Sound & Shot. Just choose the mode you want and go.

Download USER GUIDE of Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom

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