Samsung Galaxy R

Samsung Galaxy R user manual pdf

The Samsung Galaxy R, you can say that this is a smartphone from Samsung something special. And we have a device with a physical presence and a great interior, but the market does not seem to have selected.

Specifications of Samsung R

No wonder they say that this smartphone from Samsung is a gem in the making. In fact, if we analyze minimally your screen, we are faced with a 4.6 inches more than enough. In addition, if we get a little more demanding, we realize that inside you will not be hanging around. A dual-core 1 GHz processor, it seems more than enough.

And all this, with dimensions more acceptable weight cramped and very capable multimedia features. It is true that we can not fit into the cheap phones, but we can say that in a value like many Chinese phones we have seen in recent months appear on the market. A terminal, no doubt, to those looking for a good performance and a certain exclusivity in the world of mobile telephony. Don´t forget and download now, here, the user manual of this smartphone. You can share this article in Google +, Facebook or Twitter.

Download user manual of Samsung Galaxy R


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