Samsung Galaxy Mini 2

Samsung Galaxy mini 2 user manual pdf

The Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 is such a smartphone from Samsung that arises from the need to provide the general public, but with cheap mobiles attractive enough for those who prefer this option services.

Features of Samsung Galaxy mini 2

It is for this reason that, in this case, there are big screen technology. What is sought is primarily making an expensive cell line which are also not suitable for everyday use. In other words, only one terminal is intended for the user.

For this reason, above all, is to improve the multimedia experience. Therefore do not hesitate to offer a display with high resolution and large enough to accommodate the many games for Android user memory. And is that the Android operating system is the protagonist of this smartphone makes consumption is highly optimized. For this reason, you can include a battery too much capacity and make the price is lower than normal. A Samsung smartphone that meets a user requests any means luxurious spec two months to pay per month.

With its large, clean and bright, yet enjoy more of your photos, web pages and social networking. Mini 2 retains the compact size and the color of its predecessor (11.85 mm), so that few people will resist his charm, and can boast of personality. Bigger but still mini, its HVGA TFT delivers vivid colors and greater clarity. The best option for accessing social networks, do not miss new photos and see the latest videos. You can view Google Maps easily and enjoy more of their applications and cats.

Download user manual of Samsung Galaxy mini 2

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