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Samsung EX1 | Guide and user manual in PDF English

Samsung EX1. Specially designed for advanced amateur photographers, the high optical quality of the Samsung EX1 and simple visualization will help you capture your artistic and professional soul.

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Samsung engineers have thought of the human eye for designing the EX1 . Such as compact cameras, is the most anatomically market. Its impressive F1.8 lens is one of the best currently.

The EX1 offers a variety of openings and deep shadows , allowing you to prevent blurry images and media to focus on the central theme of the image. Schneider KREUZNACH lens with a 24mm wide focal length magnification ultra and 3 will capture more in every frame.

Draw attention to your goal F1, 8 Schneider KREUZNACH 24mm ultra wide and guarantee that your photos will capture the best of all time, including light .

With the sensor 1 / 1.7 ” CCD high performance EX1 get the best pictures even in the worst lighting conditions. Its AMOLED swivel 3″ is designed to provide managers control the angle from which you take photo. The result of your photos will be incredibly professional and creative .

Composition and reviewing images is easier and more fun with AMOLED 3 ” rotating screen.

The screen swivels so you can frame your images as you want and take pictures from any angle, even on hard floors or at ground level, giving you the freedom to create more artistic , expressive photographs.

Compared to digital cameras typical TFT-LCD, AMOLED the EX1 offers a high contrast ratio, deeper blacks and more vivid colors, same from any angle or in direct sunlight . so you can fully visualize your final photo.

Don’t let your photos be dominated by the dark or the light. The EX1’s Smart Range (High Dynamic Range) feature lets you vividly express both bright areas and dark areas of your subject in the same frame. So bright spots aren’t oversaturated and dark spots aren’t too dark.

Together with Samsung’s super-fast DRIMeIII imaging processor, the EX1 helps you capture high-quality images in a variety of settings and extreme lighting conditions.

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