Samsung ES80 User Manual in PDF

Samsung ES80 | Manual and user guide in PDFSamsung ES80. No bad side with ES80. The Perfect Portrait system removes red-eye and even detects blinking, with its face detection technology generation.

Detailed features of the Samsung ES80.

A completely new vision. Get more from your lens, whether you’re doing an amazing scenery or a group of friends around a table for a photo. By using a wide-angle 27mm lens with 5x optical zoom , you instantly ES80 covers a wider field of vision. Now, you can capture memories of large-scale landscapes, wedding photos full or the tallest skyscrapers.

No more shaking pictures. Even the tiniest shake can ruin your picture. The Digital Image Stabilization solves your ES80, offering crisp images in any situation. Whether it’s a situation with low light or long zoom if you shake hands , your photos come out sharp and clear. Let your Samsung camera take care of everything.

Bright. When we designed the ES80 camera to be brilliant , we did it in both senses of the word : it’s smart and bright. On the one hand , has a 2.7 ” LCD screen to provide improved contrast and color reproduction, allowing you to enjoy a wider and clearer image. Furthermore, its intelligent LCD screen automatically senses the ambient lighting and adjusts the display brightness for optimal image viewing. The ES80 thinking for you, which makes it a smart choice.

27 mm wide-angle optical Zoom 路 5 路 x 路 Smart Auto Perfect Portrait System.

Download USER MANUAL of Samsung ES80

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