Ricoh Pentax WG-1 User Manual PDF


Ricoh Pentax WG-1 User Manual PDFRicoh Pentax WG-1. The Optio WG-1 definetely stands for the ideal choice for those active photographers who shoot pictures in demanding outdoor conditions, thanks to its tough construction:

Detailed features of Ricoh Pentax WG-1.

5x wide-angle optical lens. Despite its compact dimensions, Ricoh Pentax WG-1 features a 5x wide-angle optical zoom covering focal lengths from 28mm wide angle to 140mm telephoto (in 35mm format). From spectacular landscape to tightly framed snapshots taken from a distance, just catch every detail.

Face Detection and Self-portrait Assist functions. Face Detection function instantly and accurately detects up to 32 faces -even the faces of dogs and cats- then catches them in sharp focus and optimum exposure, to let you make beautiful pictures. The very convenient Self-portrait Assist function use the blink of the LED lights to confirm whether your face is centered in the picture.

High image quality. Combining 14 megapixels with a brand-new imaging process and a high-performance PENTAX zoom lens, the Ricoh Pentax WG-1 delivers brilliant, sharp and true-to-life pictures, even when enlarged to poster sizes.

Extra-wide 2.7” LCD screen. Optio WG-1 features a 16:9 2.7” monitor which is treated with a special AR (Anti-Reflection) coating to cut the glare of external light and minimize annoying reflections, making it comfortable to check on-screen menus and to monitor recorded images.

Triple anti-shake protection to prevent different types of camera shake:

  1. Pixel Track SR. When recording still images, Ricoh Pentax WG-1’s Pixel Track SR (Shake Reduction) effectively compensates for camera shake by processing affected images.
  2. High-Sensitivity anti-shake mode. In low-lighting conditions, the Optio WG-1 automatically raises the sensitivity to as high as ISO 6400, enabling the use a higher shutter speed, which minimizes the effects of camera or subject shake.
  3. Movie SR. During movie recording, the Optio WG-1 prevents blurry images by effectively minimizing camera shake through the use of exclusive software.

Digital Microscope mode. Combining a macro shooting capability from 1cm away with 5 LED Macro Light and an unique Macro Stand, the Optio WG-1’s Digital Microscope mode delivers magnified sharp pictures of the microscopic world.

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