Philips PFT4009 User Manual PDF

Philips PFT4009 User Manual PDFPhilips PFT4009. Everyone in your home will enjoy a quality clear and sharp picture with Full HD LED TV Philips 4100 series. Its minimalist design, vivid imagery and excellent sound make it the perfect choice for any room in your house.

Detailed features of Philips PFT4009.

Full HD LED TV: Bright LED images with incredible contrast. Image quality matter. The HDTV or HDTV offer good quality, but we know that you expect more. Imagine enjoying a view as real as life itself where the perfection of details merge, a setting of high brightness, contrast and unmatched realistic colors.

Two HDMI inputs and Easylink for integrated connectivity. Avoid clutter of cables through a single HDMI cable transfers video and audio signals from your devices to your TV. The cable uses uncompressed signals, ensuring the highest quality from source to screen. If we add Philips EasyLink, you only need a remote control to perform most operations on your TV, DVD, Blu-ray player, set top box or home theater system.

Digital Crystal Clear: precision want to share. Philips has developed Digital Crystal Clear for you to enjoy natural images from any source. Whether you’re watching your favorite series like friends come home to watch a movie, you will see this media content in contrast, color and optimum sharpness.

The ultra-narrow bezel lets you enjoy larger images. Traditional TVs have a bezel around the screen as a framework. Our ultra-narrow bezel is modern and light, so it offers superior image unaamplitud.

Download USER MANUAL of Philips PFT4009 (PFK/PHK) – (PFH-PFT-PHH)

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