Philips PFL2908H User Manual PDF

Philips PFL2908H User Manual PDFPhilips PFL2908H. Enjoy the LED 2908 series Philips TV with Digital Crystal Clear technology, which offers extremely vivid images with a minimalist design. Take one home to enjoy a memorable viewing experience in any room.

Detailed features of Philips PFL2908H.

Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) 100 Hz clear motion sharpness. For the movement of the image may be accurate, smooth and natural, Philips has created PMR, our standard of measurement of sharpness in motion. Perfect Motion Rate is the combined result of our unique video processing, the number of frames per second refresh rate of each frame, perfection in attenuation capabilities and backlight technology. A number greater PMR contributes to higher contrast and clarity of movement, which is a superior picture for you.

LED TV for some pictures with incredible contrast. LED TV for some pictures with incredible Thanks to the LED backlight contrast, you can enjoy low power consumption, a high degree of brightness, incredible contrast and vibrant colors. And above all, LED lighting technology does not contain hazardous materials, which also makes it the greenest choice.

Pause TV and USB Recording: put on pause and record your programs. Pause TV and USB Recording: put on pause and record your programs Want to take a break and continue watching TV later? The pause function assumes that you will never need to wait (and see) an advertisement. Want to record digital TV and watch live recording when it suits you? Use the electronic program guide to find your favorite programs and easily schedule recordings. Just connect a USB hard drive to the TV and broadcast comfortably store for you see her later.

Download USER MANUAL of Philips PFL2908H

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