Philips 8909 User Manual PDF

Philips 8909 User Manual PDFPhilips 8909. Discover the first curved TV Android! The Philips 8900 series provides a truly immersive experience and combines stunning image quality 4K Ultra HD with Ambilight on 3 sides of the TV. Be captivated by its high quality finish and curved shape.

Detailed features of Philips 8909.

Perfect Pixel HD Ultra: discover stunning picture quality. Based on the award-winning legacy of image quality, we have borne the image quality in high definition to a new level. Processing algorithms for image quality of our Ultra Pixel HD engine become your screen resolution of any input image to the best resolution 4K Ultra HD. As a result, you’ll enjoy the ultimate in sharpness, movement, clarity, color and contrast Philips whether you’re watching a video online and Ultra HD native content.

4K Ultra HD: resolution as you’ve never seen. Enjoy TV like never before thanks to the resolution four times that of a conventional Full HD TV. The 3840 x 2160 pixels provide such a refined and realistic image that looks like a window to a new world.

Aim, write, speak or use gestures hundred percent intelligent interaction. From now on, communicate with your TV you will be easier and more fun than ever. Our totally intuitive remote control offers the usual advantages such as shortcut buttons, function mouse to point and click and keyboard to the back … but there’s more. Want it down? Simply slide your hand (without using the remote) and built-in camera will recognize your face and make the corresponding adjustment. Do not you want to use the keyboard? Talk to the remote control and the results appear on the TV screen. Welcome to a really smart experience.

Express yourself with curved Philips TV. Live life your way … Is not it time you had a TV that fits your unique style? Our curved TV defies conventional design rules offer a spectacular new design combined with the high image quality you expect to get from a Philips TV.

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