Philips 6809 User Manual PDF

Philips 6809 User Manual PDFPhilips 6809. Join the Ultra-HD revolution with the Philips 6800 series 4K Ultra-HD TV. Watch hundreds of premium international channels via Cloud TV and immerse yourself in 3D. And all in 4K Ultra-HD resolution.

Detailed features of Philips 6809.

Ultra Slim lines for a refined profile. Sleek. Cutting edge. Refined. Precise. The Philips Ultra Slim silhouette. That something so slim can inspire so much interest shouldn’t be surprising, given how much sophistication it will bring to your décor.

Smart TV: a whole new world to explore. Discover a Smarter experience that lies beyond traditional TV. Rent and stream films, videos or games from online video stores. Watch catch-up TV from your favourite channels and enjoy a growing selection of online apps such as YouTube. Connect to family and friends with Skype™ Facebook and Twitter.

Cloud TV and Cloud Explorer bring worlds together. “Because you’re unique, we think the way you watch TV should be too. With it’s constantly growing selection, Philips Cloud TV lets you choose from hundreds of TV channels from around the world. Cloud Explorer makes sharing with friends near and far easy by allowing you to access your Dropbox™ account via your TV, letting you view your content on the big screen.

Digital Natural Motion for smooth moving images. You love action films, sporting events and gaming, but demand the very best image possible. Digital Natural Motion is a Philips award winning motion enhancement technology that diminishes judder, providing excellent sharpness and the smoothest, most fluid picture imaginable.

3D realistically takes you places you’ve never been before. Active 3D technology and high-speed displays create incredible depth, contrast and realism for an unrivalled 3D viewing experience. Converts 2D content into vivid and flawless 3D. The ultimate 3D experience.

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