Philips 5199 User Manual PDF

Philips 5199 User Manual PDFPhilips 5199. Everyone in your home will enjoy the crisp, clear picture of the Philips 51 series Full HD LED TV. We’ve combined a modern, frameless design with Ambilight to extend and intensify your viewing experience.

Detailed features of Philips 5199.

Open stand design creates a light, floating effect. A television with modern, refined lines deserves a stand that lifts it above the ordinary. That’s why the designers at Philips TV created this unique, open stand to integrate beautifully with your décor.

Frameless design: no bezel means more TV to loveSleek. Minimalist. Discreet. Our frameless bezel is beautifully crafted from high-quality glass and edged with an ultra-thin aluminium wrap; minimising the frame and maximising your viewing.

Full HD LED TV—brilliant LED images with incredible contrast. Picture Quality matters. Regular HDTVs deliver quality, but you expect more. Imagine crisp detail paired with high brightness, incredible contrast and realistic colours for a true to life picture.

Digital Crystal Clear: precision you’ll want to share. For natural pictures from any source, Philips created Digital Crystal Clear. Because whether you indulge in your favourite soap, the news, or have friends over to watch a video—you’ll enjoy it all in optimal contrast, colour and sharpness.

Ambilight changes the way you look at TV forever. You’ve created a home that’s more than just a house, so why not choose a TV that is warm and inviting too? Philips unique Ambilight technology makes your screen much wider—and your viewing experience more immersive—by projecting an extra wide glow from two-sides of your TV screen onto the surrounding wall. Colour, vibrancy and excitement move beyond the screen and into your living room, bringing with it a more thrilling, intense and immersive viewing experience.

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