Panasonic LumixG GM1W User Manual PDF

Panasonic LumixG GM1W User Manual PDFPanasonic LumixG GM1W. Our daily life hides small surprises and moments of great beauty. To translate these situations, there are very specific advanced features. Enjoy a sophisticated design that stimulates your creativity. Immortalizes life and turn it into art. LUMIX GM.

Detailed features of Panasonic LumixG GM1W.

Excellent image quality in a compact and sophisticated design. The LUMIX GM1, despite its remarkably compact body, does not skimp on image quality. It does this by incorporating the latest and praised Digital Live MOS sensor oversized based on standard Micro Four Thirds system and high-performance Venus Engine. The rapid high-precision AF system helps capture those fleeting moments. All this makes this LUMIX it ideal for all those who truly seek both image quality and camera style.

In addition to its high performance to achieve exceptional image quality, the new LUMIX GM1 presents an extremely compact profile, plagued possible by a large and resourceful design details that reduce its size. Each of its external elements is designed considering the smallest detail, giving the camera a sleek and stylish. Its large and luxurious possibilities exceed those of any other camera. LUMIX GM1: the camera that makes the times “works of art”.

Share your creativity through Wi-Fi. The LUMIX GM1 integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, which provides greater flexibility when taking pictures because it allows instantly share very easily. All this flexibility to take pictures / browse / share the LUMIX GM1 is possible thanks to the exclusive application of Panasonic “Panasonic Image App” available for iOS / Android smartphones / tablets.

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