Oppo N1 | Manual and user guide PDF

Oppo N1 | Manual and user guide PDFOppo N1. Good photos are the result of excellent hardware and software working in harmony, which is why we created Pure Image. Applied to the photo at the time of capture, it helps you capture breathtaking and vividly realistic images.

Detailed features of the Oppo N1.

Cutting Edge Optics. N1 is the first Android smartphone to use six physical lenses, giving you a clearer image while eliminating any distortion. The latest generation stacked CMOS sensor, upgraded type 1/3.06 imaging module and f/2.0 wide aperture lets more light in, so you can take great photos even in dark environments. Not satisfied with what was available, we partnered with the leading optics companies to tailor make our own image-processing solution for improved white balance, exposure and focus. No matter the lighting condition, the N1 camera captures astonishing clarity and detail.

Ultimate Craftsmanship. The full metal aluminum alloy frame is produced over a 20-day period. During this time it undergoes a 14 step polishing process involving more than a dozen suppliers. Strengthening the core of the phone, the frame adds an air of toughness, firmness and style to the smartphone N1. The phone body is made with a smooth, delicate material for a ceramic-like elegance, designed to keep your device free of fingerprints and eternally soft to the touch.

World’s First Rotating Camera Smartphone. OPPO was the first in the world to release a 13-megapixel camera smartphone. With the N1, we are once again realizing new possibilities in smartphone photography. Introducing the world’s first smartphone with a rotating camera. The revolutionary rotating camera features a 206° rotation, and will securely lock at any angle. No matter what angle you choose, having just one amazing camera means that front facing shots are finally just as good as back facing shots.

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