Olympus VH-520 User Manual in PDF

Olympus VH-520 User Manual in PDFOlympus VH-520. A wide-angle 10x optical zoom to dive right into the action. With the wide-angle lens of 26 mm-260 mm * you will not miss a single detail, from the most spectacular landscapes to group shots indoors.

Detailed features of Olympus VH-520.

Videos Full HD Video Stabilization Multi-motion. If you record Full HD videos while walking, blurred images can become a big problem. However, this problem will disappear Stabilization for Video Multi-motion. This advanced stabilization technology counteracts blurred images, even in long takes. It is ideal for recording videos dynamic and spontaneous movement when you do not have a tripod.

14 megapixels for quality results. Photos, videos and recorded a spectacular quality. Thanks to the image resolution of 14 megapixels, you can play your photos in formats of large, high quality and use the digital zoom to crop the photos to get the perfect size.

Processor TRUEPIC. This powerful image processor is part of the iHS integrated technologies in order to ensure high image quality in all functions. Among its benefits include not only your options image processing with high resolution without sacrificing color reproduction of class, but also better control of color, especially with specific colors like emerald green and yellow . In addition, the speed of image processing is also higher, and the speed of start and trip.

Screen 3 “. The ideal option for framing, reviewing and? share photos and? videos. These monitors are characterized by intensely and reproduce colors? have elevated levels of contrast enhanced up to 1,030 points and new technologies like OLED to have even more opportunities visualization and? frame resolution.

HDR Backlight Adjustment. Instead of recording just one shot, the camera takes several images quickly with different exposure settings. Then the combines automatically. The result is a collage of photos with perfect exposure, combined in a spectacular image. Capture the scene exactly as you see it, even backlit.

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