Nokia N9-00 User manual in PDF

Nokia N9-00 Nokia N9-00. Record, share and show the world exactly as shown. From small details to large panoramas, this smartphone captures it all thanks to an impressive 12 MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens.

Detailed features of the Nokia N9-00.

DESIGN FULL SCREEN. Thanks to its design do not need full screen buttons. Simply swipe between your activities.

AS A NAVIGATION HAS EVER SEEN. Fast browser prompt response gives you a great web experience ( outdated by now by Chrome, Explorer and Mozilla).

GET YOUR BEST PHOTOS FANTASTIC CAMERA. 8 MP camera with wide-angle Carl Zeiss optics . You’ll never miss a great photo thanks to its quick start , focus and capture.

CONVERSATION BEGINS , SEND A MESSAGE, PUBLISH ON FACEBOOK , ETC. Facilitate life. Watch all your favorite social applications in one place , so you will never be looking for someone to talk to, or something to talk about. All this is just a touch away.

SURF FASTER. Say goodbye to the load bars and the video stutters . The N9- 00 includes a powerful web browser that helps you climb to the best of the Internet , without complications. And a smart windows interface makes it even easier to navigate to the pages you want.

Download user guide of Nokia N9-00

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