Nokia Lumia 925

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Nokia Lumia 925. Get a spectacular sharpness in your photos and videos even in low light.

And with Nokia Smart camera mode can take pictures in burst and create fun in animated sequences.

With his new role Nokia Smart Camera’ll unleash your creativity.

With Nokia Smart camera mode do not even waste a second thought on how to take the perfect shot.

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It is as simple as choosing the right target frame and shoot. Then just choose the time you want to create the perfect photo.

This function also allows you to capture several shots in a row and create a lively, high quality and very detailed sequence.

Do not let a stranger ruin your photos. The typical funny guy who sneaks into a picture from behind is not a problem.

With Delete moving objects can remove all objects and spontaneous and conclude that disrupt the perfect shot.

And with the Change function faces can put a smile anywhere. It will be virtually impossible for any of your friends goes wrong in a photo taken with your smartphone.

Once the image you can choose the time before or after he leaves everyone with his best smile, to get the perfect picture.

Discover a world of possibilities with the Lumia 925 and Windows Phone 8 operating system.

Plus additional services include Nokia, you can work from anywhere with MS Office, discover the most hidden in your city with Maps HERE and listen to the best music streaming sites.

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