Nokia Lumia 610

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Nokia Lumia 610. This smartphone is the best way to get in touch with your friends, Cossa and places. Let yourself be seduced by “3.7 screen, five-megapixel camera and a large degree of autonomy.

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Smart Capture allows you to capture great group shots in a single attempt. Simply press the button once and the camera moving’ll capture five images.

The advanced algorithms detect faces automatically select the “best” each person’s face and combine images into one capture “optimal”.

You can select a different face for each detected face, which is very useful if, for example, you want everyone to look the other.

Continuous shooting allows you to capture all the action and movement thanks to its improved shutter speed or a burst of images. However, the real fun begins when you review the pictures blast: a new control mechanism facilitates the search for images.

Just drag your finger across the screen, you can display images on top of each other as if you control the action, so you can try different sequences and play.

Take a beautiful scenic landscapes easier way. The new user interface will guide you step by step to help you capture beautiful views with a perfect frame.

Panoramic images can be as homogeneous end that will be impossible to know where they are joined.

With DNG, image editing is fun, because you can change the way you take pictures with your Nokia Lumia 610 and add special effects to your photos, even before them.

Nokia Creative Studio adds a special touch to ordinary pictures, and it is easy to use.

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