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Nikon D5300 manual. Unleash your creativity with the intuitive D5300.

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Thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi and GPS systems, this impressive camera 24.2 megapixel DX format lets you capture and share the magic of their world with incredible detail.

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The sharpness, clarity and richness of colors in the D5300’s photos and Full HD videos is nothing short of astounding.

A recent design innovation allows the D5300’s 24.2-megapixel DX format CMOS image sensor to capture pure, lifelike images. Enlarge or crop your photos without losing any sharpness or detail—a feat not possible with most smartphones.

Pair that capability with any exceptional NIKKOR lens, marvels of clarity and sharpness in their own right, and you’ll experience the image quality your memories deserve.

A new level of connectivity. With built-in Wi-Fi and GPS, the D5300 is the first in an exciting new generation of connected Nikon DSLRs.

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Wirelessly connect to nikon d3400 with your smartphone or tablet, then browse the photos on D5300’s memory card, import your favorites and instantly email them, text them or post them online.

While connected, your smart device can also act as a remote monitor for the D5300.

See what the camera sees and even fire the shutter perfect for group shots and self portraits! When traveling, built-in GPS geotags all of your shots.

Whether shooting stationary subjects, candid photos, high-speed action or Full HD video, the D5300 keeps subjects in focus.

Its 39-point high-density autofocus system with 9 cross-type sensors quickly locks onto your subject, and Nikon’s unique 3D-tracking uses the 2,016-pixel RGB sensor to recognize and follow it across the frame.

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