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Nikon D3500. There is not a single Nikon camera that disappoints the user. The mythical design of the company continues to succeed among staunch and new users.

manual nikon d3500

This compact perfectly combines professional performance with superb image quality.

Powerful 24-megapixel DX sensor with sharp detail in any situation. Whether it’s a wedding, a day of adventure or capturing the best shots of your pet, the D3500 will always offer you sharpness and balanced images.

In the video section we have Full HD resolution and great fluidity between the frames. Without jerks and with a speed of 60 frames per second.

The wide ISO range is perfect for capturing the smallest details in night shots or when cloudy days give us low light.

The design is faithful to that of a lifetime. Users familiar with any other model will not have to think where they put their fingers. The control ring, ergonomic grip and direct video button. Everything is in place.

Nikon D3500 Manual in PDF

It’s change of objectives is quick and easy. As with the rest of Nikon cameras, the mount is designed in metal to withstand the passage of time and the different NIKKOR lenses.

It has a bluetooth connection to connect with our smartphone under Android or iOS. Thanks to this connection we can share the captures on our networks or to our relatives instantly.

In short, a DSLR camera that will not disappoint you and that you can get second hand at crazy prices.

The Nikon D3500 has an HDMI Type-C connection

The strength of the precision engineered metal lens mount means you can change lenses as many times as you need, without worrying about wear.

From telephoto zoom lenses to wide-angle fixed lenses, once you start exploring the beauty of different NIKKOR lenses, you don’t want to stop.

We leave you to download the official start guide and the link to the advanced manual online on the official website itself.

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