Vexia Zippers Tab 10i Manual And User Guide PDF

Vexia Zippers Tab 10i Manual And User Guide PDF
Vexia Zippers Tab 10i Manual And User Guide PDF

Vexia Zippers Tab 10i. A little known brand tablet that offers a wide range of quality devices.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Vexia Zippers Tab 10i

This is the first manual of Vexia tablet which included on the web but recently I discovered this brand and has a fairly wide range of devices. I went and manuals of the two smartphones that has in the market: the Zippers 4 and Zippers 5. Both with a similar quality and a very reasonable price to consider when deciding.

But now let’s take a look at this tablet which in principle does not draw much attention but has qualities and virtues to love more than one user. To start a processor has a brand known worldwide and proven quality: Intel. Its Atom Z2520 processor provides enough power to move freely tablet version of Android 4.4.2. RAM supports this work with 1 GB of memory capacity and storage up to 16 GB which subtracting the system installation and native applications remains at a total of 11.62 GB.

Its compact and fairly modern design includes many useful connections and slots as compatible with microSD cards to expand up to 32GB storage memory. MicroUSB port for charging and data from a PC. WiFi connection to enjoy high speed network and Bluetooth 4.0 for file transfer with other devices. There is also a model that includes 3G connection so you can have your phone while you enjoy your tablet.

The Zippers interface is designed with great care and has buttons on the screen quick access to different tasks such as raising and lowering the volume or camera access. This has only 2 MP in the back and 0.3 MP on the front. If you do not intend to take pictures or videos will not be a problem but simply discard your purchase.

The 6,800 mAh battery is to have autonomy for hours and not have to stop playing or interrupt our favorite movie.

Download Manual and User Guide of Zippers Tab 10i: (unpublished)

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