ZTE Blade A6

ZTE Blade A6 Manual And User Guide PDF

ZTE Blade A6. A medium range with a quality that surpasses many of the best ranges: its autonomy. Enjoy hours and hours of your Blade A6 without worrying about the charger.

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The A6 arrives at the market and takes away from the podium the bq Aquaris X5 Plus that has a great autonomy but is not able to match the ZTE smartphone. The BQ smartphone has a 3,200 mAh battery but the 5,000 mAh of the ZTE puts it ahead. Also other models like the Honor 5C.

All these smartphones are around the barrier of $200, which we believe is a pretty good figure to invest. The ZTE smartphone does not reach this amount and offers us high definition images on its 5.2 “screen and the ability to use two Sim cards simultaneously.

The performance also exceeds our wishes and the eight-core processor will make the system and the games move with total fluidity. It also has a lot to do with the 2 GB of RAM and version 7.0 of Android, Nougat.

The cameras will be the only thing that could fail of this smartphone. And, to our surprise, we find a main camera of 13 MP resolution with CMOS sensor. And the front with its 8 MP resolution finishes rounding off an offer that is more than attractive.

A very balanced team with an autonomy that goes out of the graphics. Enjoy games, movies or images of the highest quality for as long as you want and for a price that fits almost any pocket.

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We added the other versions of the Blade A6 to the entrance: Lite and Premium. The Lite loses in performance with a Quad-Core processor and in cameras, without becoming an alarming loss while the Blade A6 Premium doubles the internal storage of the original devices and raises 1 GB plus RAM.

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