ZTE Axon M

ZTE Axon M Manual And User Guide PDF
ZTE Axon M Manual And User Guide PDF

ZTE Axon M. Enjoy a great value for money with the Oppo A3 and its A3s version. Although the name seems to be a superior version, on the contrary, we are in front of the original and its mini version.

Download Manual And User Guide Of ZTE Axon M

We started with the only feature that we can not find in other devices: its 5.2 “screens. Yes, it is not a typing error, the Axon M has a double screen of 5.2 “with Full HD resolution and folding design that we can use in different modes.

There are exactly four: simple mode, mirror mode, dual mode and shared mode. Depending on each situation we can use one and the other to enjoy a unique visualization at all times.

We leave outdoors and go to the specifications responsible for all the images shown by the folding screen do so with the best quality and fluency.

The first thing we find is the OS of Google in version 7.1.2 Nougat which is an optimized and very light environment that will fly thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 quad-core processor at 2.35 GHz and 1.6 GHz.

Accompanied by 4 GB of memory RAM and 64 GB of internal storage so we do not have to worry about freeing up memory every two months.

We also have the microSD expansion available to be able to assign all the 20 MP camera captures to be saved directly to the internal storage. The camera has image stabilization and dual LED flash so nocturnal captures will not have annoying shadows.

To complete the attractiveness of the smartphone, the Axon M has a battery of 3,180 mAh that I think will not be enough for long days if we abuse its double screen. The good thing is that we have fast charge and USB Type C connection so we do not have to wait long.

Important NFC connectivity that although it does not seem, there is a manufacturer that still do without it. Fat mistake

Download Manual And User Guide Of Axon M:
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