XML Manual And User Guide in PDF for free

XML Manual And User Guide PDF for free

XML Manual And User Guide PDF

XML In spite of being a programming language in plain text mode, similar to HTML, it allows us, unlike the latter, to extract information from a database and present it in a simple way to the user.

Download the Manual and User Guide of XML

This manual is designed for those who are starting in this programming language. However, its extension will allow us to understand in a simple way, since it has multiple examples, many of the basic structures of language. This XML manual will provide us with a good knowledge base to be able to develop web pages, advanced applications with databases or even applications for mobile devices.

The tags that are used in this language remind us of HTML but unlike the latter, we can not create the structure of a web page. The XML was created to handle data in a very simple way. This language does not make visual reference to what it contains but it does refer to the content so that the user can identify the data quickly and easily.

Thanks to its features, we can create custom labels and assign values ​​to them. Being extensible allows us to create new DTDs (Definition of Document Type) to send the information we want to other applications or programs.

All information is stored in non-binary plain text format so that anyone can see the data of any document. Its high capacity of portability to other publication formats such as HTML, PDF, RTF or Android, makes it continue to be used in new technologies despite being launched back in 1998.

If you are looking for a more advanced XML manual, you can find it in the following link: Advanced Manual.

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