Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Manual And User Guide PDF

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Manual And User Guide PDF

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Manual And User Guide PDF

Xiaomi Mi Max 2.  Wide screen, infarct curves and the quality of a brand that ensures to create the best value for money smartphone in the market. The Mi Max 2 is something great for our taste but we think it’s a fabulous smartphone.

Download Manual And User Guide Of Xiaomi Mi Max 2

The best we see this Xiaomi smartphone is that its price does not exceed the barrier that seems unnecessary to lead a high-quality mobile life. Its wide screen will conquer users who want a multimedia experience of ten and do not mind loading with bulky dimensions. Although the design is very compact and solid, using it with one hand would be practically impossible if you do not have the “one hand” mode.

The main pillar where the Mi Max 2 is supported is its large capacity battery. It is useless to have images of luxury, superior performance and all the technological innovations had and if the smartphone shuts off at noon. This detail is more than exceeds Xiaomi to equip the device with a 5,300 mAh battery. Forget the charger until you decide to go to bed.

Performance comes from a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 quad-core processor and 4 GB of RAM. Above average and enough to execute demanding 3D games. Games and movies are enjoyed twice as much thanks to its dual speaker that allows us to soak up the stereo sound.

The camera has the Sony IMX386 sensor making clear its intention not to be a camera more in the market. Images and videos in high definition with 4K quality and slow motion at 720p. You will love your camera application and the quality it shows in each capture.

Download Manual And User Guide Of Mi Max 2:
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