Xiaomi Mi A1 Manual And User Guide PDF

Xiaomi Mi A1 Manual And User Guide PDF

Xiaomi Mi A1 Manual And User Guide PDF

Xiaomi Mi A1. This is the first Xiaomi smartphone that we upload to ManualesYTutoriales.com and we do not understand how we had not fallen before because it has a lot, much to offer.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Xiaomi Mi A1

Xiaomi, or simply MI, is the Chinese brand that is hitting hard together with Huawei and Ulefone. Any of these three has a wide variety of quality devices spread across all ranges of the market. Maybe Ulefone is the least known of the three but with Xiaomi bets on insurance.

The device featured in this article belongs to the mid-range and has been the most awarded Android smartphone in the range. To start with the good news, we have Android One, the version of the Google OS that lets us customize the device 100% and get rid of what we do not want. A simple environment without complications. Simply, Android your way.

Still do not know the potential of the Dual camera of the A1?

We went to the hardware to focus first on its powerful dual rear camera that combines two sensors of 12 MP each to obtain authentic graphic wonders. It even has an optical zoom of two magnifications to be able to approach our objectives without loss of quality and obtaining that slight blur typical of the SLR cameras. And the darkness will not be a problem for the A1 that captures defined images with a low ambient light. Taking into account that it records in 4K quality and the camera application is very, very complete … it only remains to give it a 10 in this section.

The smartphone is made entirely of metal and its rounded edges with 2.5D glass give it a superb appearance. Just 7.3 millimeters thick and a large 5.5 “screen, fingerprint sensor and fingerprint sensor is the rear part, the design is completed with the USB Type C port and the 3.5mm Jack connection. wear helmets of a lifetime.

After this first layer we find a powerful processor: the Snapdragon 625. Its eight cores are perfectly coordinated with the 4 GB of RAM to offer us a luxury performance. For heavy games and applications, it has the Adreno 506 graphics chip that has already proven itself capable of moving everything.

In the following image you can see at a glance the potential of the M1 A1

xiaomi mi a1 specs user guide pdf

Xiaomi Mi A1 specs – User Guide in PDF

There are many more surprises that await you in this Xiaomi Mi A1 and we invite you to visit its official website of the device or its Youtube channel to find about this and the rest of the catalog. Soon we will upload more devices because if you liked the My A1 as a mid-range, the superior range will pleasantly surprise you. Hopefully, they will soon start publishing user manuals in Spanish to attract more users. If it fits.

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