Wiko U FEEL Lite Manual And User Guide PDF

Wiko U FEEL Lite Manual And User Guide PDF

Wiko U FEEL Lite. We already looked like a great smartphone and now that the guys from Wiko have released the “Lite” version …. we like it better than before.

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Although it carries the name Lite its screen has not suffered losses. It still counts on that size that I do not like any more: 5. “Although we continue to think that the perfect size is around 4.7”, it is true that up to 5 “remain handy and comfortable device when traveling.The same resolution That the original device and the same contrast and anti-glare glass.For now we are just as good.

In performance we will not notice a very big difference. It loses a third of its RAM to stay at 2 GB which is still quite a good figure. The processor is exactly the same: a quad core at 1.3 GHz with Cortex-A7 cores. The graphics performance is supported by an ARM Mali T720 GPU. Games will run really well just like high resolution videos. It also has the same amount of RAM, 16 GB, and by microSD we can add another 64 GB.

The system does not change either. Android Marshmallow that runs smoothly and an immediate response. We can make use of two sim cards and we have support for 4G networks.

And now we come to the section that has been sacrificed by the Lite: the cameras. The front keeps its 5 MP and a decent quality for selfies. The back is the one that pays the broken plates going from 13 MP to 8 MP. We can still record videos in Full HD, the camera application is the same and the image editor as well. Still, we lose quality in the final results.

The battery is also maintained so we have very good autonomy. The difference in price is not very high so we were left with the original device but bearing in mind that this one looks very good.

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