Wiko RAINBOW Manual And User Guide PDF
Wiko RAINBOW Manual And User Guide PDF

Wiko RAINBOW. A model with many versions that sure some will conquer you forever.

Jam Lite, Up and 4G are variants of the original RAINBOW and make you see with other eyes to these amazing smartphones. A range with models adapted to any type of user and use.

Let’s take a look at that we offer beyond the design being almost identical in all of them, it does not cease to be modern and stylish.

Download Manual and User Guide of  Wiko RAINBOW

To begin with, both as screen size is the same for all of them. They have 5 inches to enjoy all our videos and images beautifully. We sail through the net in comfort and we serve on the beach if we forget the towel or surfboard.

In the photographic subject there are some differences. While the Up and JAM versions share features 8 MP for the main camera and 5MP for front.

The LITE version has 5 MP camera in both directions, leaving some resolution to achieve the ideal photo.

The 4G model improves rear camera latter equaling the first with 8 MP and the front stays in 2MP that is more than enough to get us selfies.

The power is also shared as all four have a quad-core 1.3GHz Cortex-A7 which provides power and smoothness equally. It will also be smooth sailing for us to enjoy any content anywhere. As long as pay fee wifi data or steal.

Download “Wiko RAINBOW”

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