Wiko CINK SLIM Manual And User Guide PDF
Wiko CINK SLIM Manual And User Guide PDF

Wiko CINK SLIM. If you’re thinking about buying a smartphone and midrange you know you little … Take a look at this mid-range with a very attractive price.

It is a very powerful device, with a sleek design and can be your next partner in the years ahead.

We have already uploaded user manuals Wiko other brand device such as FIVE and PEAX 2. Both devices, and as is normal in Wiko, possess qualities that convinced one way or another to the user.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Wiko CINK SLIM

This is no less CINK SLIM and although the screen is only 4 “, is a smartphone that has a lot to offer.

Working under 4.1.1 jelly bean, the CINK SLIM offers good value / price. The system moves smoothly with processor 1GHz dual núcleoa. Which is quite an achievement since it only has 512 MB of RAM.

Storage only have 4 GB and this is a problem when 65% of that space would “eat” the operating system. The least I look for in a smartphone are 8 GB and still, then stays short.

The cameras are not bad. While the front will make us selfies with 1.3 MP quality, the back get a pretty decent note with its 8 MP sensor resolution.

We can record videos at 720p and photos to make very valid and very loose social networks for extensions. The microSD slot up to 32 GB and ability Dual Sim could convince you to buy it.

These benefits are due to one of the first device of the French brand so we should not consider it as a new addition to the market. A nice and cheap for those who do not want complicated device.

Download “Wiko CINK SLIM”

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