Ulefone Future

Ulefone Future Manual And User Guide PDF
Ulefone Future Manual And User Guide PDF

Ulefone Future. Future model design is the most important and innovative market. Ulefone has gotten a smartphone where your vision has no limits and almost no frame.

Download Manual and User Guide of  Ulefone Future

An incredible design where Ulefone has really gotten rid of the annoying and unsightly bezel with most smartphones. This makes us the feeling of having a seemingly endless image without borders or walls.

Screen 5.5 “without bevel translates into an ergonomic and comfortable grip as there is no space between the screen and the sides of the device. Also, the screen is 1080p HD to enjoy a superb multimedia image and navigation comfortable.

The components do justice to the name of the model future. This is because it includes features high-end premium. For starters, the eight-core processor at 2 GHz Helio P10 with 64-bit architecture offers a brutal performance by the GPU Mali T860 will do wonders with games and movies. Very powerful. And accompany 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. The future is here.

And with the camera they have not been left behind and have opted for a Samsung lens with 16 MP resolution and 16 million pixels. A breathtaking clarity and quality on all four sides. Needless to say, we can capture both photos and videos in Full HD and get professional results even in low light.

This is joined by the housing aluminum alloy and titanium to give a sophisticated look and extra protection and a battery of 3000 mAh long-life and rapid charge.

A great smartphone for just over 200 euros that does not have many sales for being a virtually unknown brand on the world. Not so in China, where he is recognized as one of the best manufacturers of high quality smartphones.

Download Manual and User Guide of Future: (Coming soon)

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