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Symfony is considered as the most important framework to develop applications in PHP since it allows to increase productivity and quality of work.

Symfony Manual And User Guide PDF for free
Symfony Manual And User Guide PDF for free

This PDF manual will allow you to unravel all your secrets without any problem. Symfony is a complete framework designed to optimize the development of web applications based on the Model Vista Controller.

To begin, it separates the business logic, the server logic and the presentation of the web application.

Download te Manual and User Guide of Symfony

It provides several tools and classes aimed at reducing the development time of a complex web application.

In addition, it automates the most common tasks, allowing the developer to devote himself completely to the specific aspects of each application. The result of all these advantages is that you should not reinvent the wheel each time a new web application is created.

If you are already determined to direct your programming to PHP do not wait any longer to download the manual and go deeper into this framework.

It is very important to have a good PHP base to be able to squeeze all its potential to the maximum.

From basic programming to management of objects and respective inheritances.

If you want to do real wonders with this framework, do not forget to hit PHP hard. Of course, you can do both at the same time, so when you have a good level of PHP you will not start from scratch with Symfony.

This manual has a complete index that will take us from the initial installation, configuration, introduction to web development, framework content, MVC architecture, forms, Links and routing systems, AJAX integration, cache memory, creation of the part of administration, unit tests and functions, personalization and performance of our applications.

A very complete agenda so that in a short time we develop applications in competent PHP and in a few months authentic wonders.

The only limit … our imagination.

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