Sony Xperia Ear Manual And User Guide PDF

Sony Xperia Ear Manual And User Guide PDF

Sony Xperia Ear Manual And User Guide PDF

Sony Xperia Ear. Perhaps for the majority of users, the Xperia Ear, is a total unknown but it has been on the market for a long time and offers many features that we do not find in other “ear” devices. Let’s take a look at these to try to discover the reason for their “little” success.

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The main reason why we believe that the Xperia Ear did not become very popular in the Wearables market, is that its initial price was, nothing more and nothing less than $200. These put users in two situations: in the first they have spent their savings on a high-end smartphone or higher and do not want to invest so much in a gadget. And the second, which is worth a low-end smartphone for daily use. Therefore, you will not spend more on wearable than the smartphone itself.

The good news is that the price has dropped by 40% and that it remains a high quality device and a brand with refuted guarantee.

The Xperia Ear was born to become our assistant using the smartphone through voice commands. It is as simple as pressing the button to send a WhatsApp, know the weather that you will do tomorrow in Mordor or call a friend.

The design is quite careful and the black color gives a touch more than elegant. The size is not how small we expected but neither is it to put a lot of flaws. It weighs practically nothing and stays in its place whatever our activity. As long as we are not talking about physical activity.

The worst of the disadvantages is that it is only compatible with Android devices and there are many latest generation that are not compatible as the LG G3, many of the Xiaomi or the magnificent Huawei P10 Plus. Clearly, this sinks sales.

Finally, it is resistant to splashes and connects with devices via Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC. It comes with a box to keep it while we do not use it, which also acts as a charger. Up to three times the battery will charge our Xperia Ear with a range of about 4 hours with continuous use. If we only use it as hands-free, it holds the day perfectly.

Download Manual And User Guide Of Xperia Ear:
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