Sony Ericsson Live Walkman

 Sony Ericsson Live Walkman | Guide and user manual in PDF Sony Ericsson Live Walkman The perfect smartphone to listen to music anywhere and with the highest quality without having to give up the train of smartphones. A device that fuses an Android smartphone with an iPod.

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First of all we have to keep in mind that we are in front of a discreet smartphone that does not intend to get the numbers 1 of the smartphones lists. The two years he has spent in the market has had a restrained success and lovers of Sony Ericsson continue to enjoy it as if it were one of the great ones.

Among its features include its Qualcomm Snapdragon S2 processor with the company of 512 MB of RAM. As you are imagining, it is not designed to play demanding games or to drive you crazy performing tasks in the background without knowledge.

The dimensions make it perfect for traveling or running with it and we can enjoy low resolution images (320 x 480 pixels) on its 3.2 “screen. The system is controlled by the version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread and its thickness It makes it impossible to compete with the modern and ultra-thin smartphones of today, almost 1.5 centimeters thick, which is said soon.

Of course the device is designed, above all, to enjoy quality sound (hence the Walkman) and its external speakers with the xLOUD technology, native to Sony, offer a premium quality output. It only remains to connect it to a powerful loudspeaker and to start the party. The battery is another point to value as its 1,200 mAh allow us to enjoy music for more than 17 hours without interruptions.

The rest of the smartphone is not that it is worth nothing because it has a 5 MP camera with the ability to record high definition videos at 720p.

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