Samsung Xpress CLP 365

Samsung Xpress CLP-365 | Guide and user manual in PDF English

Samsung Xpress CLP 365. A few days ago we analyzed , at least in its most fundamental aspects , the Samsung CLP- 360 impreosra , and today it is your turn to natural evolution is none other than the Samsung Xpress  CLP- 365.

A printer that like its predecessor highlighted by a very good print quality considering , and it is essential to assess this tool, it is one of the best value multifunction stations that you can find on the market today.

Features of the Samsung Xpress CLP 365

The main advantage of this printer on the rest of the range is that it has the ability to print a range of bright colors . Something that allows us to make a good amount of work for both leisure and business disposal .

It also has the quality is really quiet printer that can be used for a long period of time that in no case bother us in the least . All that being said , saying he has a 300 MHz processor so that you can process works at high speed and has the ability to connect via USB 2.0.

Finally say that since this is a printer that already has some time , we will be able to find in department stores or online at a relatively low price , so that at no time we will have to make a major investment money.

Download user manual of Samsung Xpress CLP-365

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