Samsung Xpress CLP 360 Manual And User Guide PDF

Samsung Xpress CLP-360 | Guide and user manual in PDF English

Samsung Xpress CLP 360. If something has the Samsung CLP 360 Xpress is great technology used to make these prints produced. And is that even though there may be multifunctional stations , is now one of the most comprehensive on the market are.

And it is true that this is not a printer for a large company , the fact remains that it can be used for small and medium enterprises as well as having an individual.

A tool with which you will be able to do a lot of jobs for both leisure and work a university or college, as well as for more serious work.

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If we highlight some qualities we can say that having a processor running at 300 MHz in order to be able to optimize each of the tasks performed by this printer. But not only because it is a really quiet printer.

And although it may seem that it is not interesting , yes, it is because this is something that today is taken into account.

And all this with the ability to print in color and black and white. It also has a capacity of 32 MB to store a large amount of jobs of all kinds.

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