Samsung WB210 Manual And User Guide PDF

Samsung WB210 | Guide and user manual in PDF English

Samsung WB210 . The powerful 12x optical zoom WB210 your new camera is capable of capturing long distance objects quickly and easily. Select panorama mode 21 mm for panoramic photos and long distance in an instant.

Detailed Camera Samsung WB210 features.

Smart Touch Screen 3.5” . As applications on a touch screen of a smartphone , the camera WB210 camera has a simple menu functions on the touch screen. The key to great performance is easy access and control. In addition, the Smart Touch feature offers convenience at your fingertips . Touch the icons on the screen quickly open options and applications that make your images are gaining in depth and easier to photograph .

High quality movies in the palm of your hand. The WB210 subtly combines a professional camera with a compact HD camcorder. You get a quality 720p HD video at 30 frames per second and recording 4 times greater than MJPEG video in H.264 time . You can even use the 12x zoom to get up close and personal live . In addition, the HDMI connection will allow you to view your HD video on your HDTV or monitor. With your WB210 do not forget anything when you record your videos, but to carry an additional device .

Optical image stabilization for clearer and sharper images. Get great pictures even if you move the camera . Your WB210 is equipped with motion sensors that use optical stabilization technology . Stabilizer Optical Image Samsung uses motion sensors to remove tiny motion blur, even if it is underexposed photographs. In addition, since the image was processed by the sensor stabilization , what you see in the viewfinder and on the screen, it looks pretty sharp.

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