Samsung Wave M Manual And User Guide PDF

Samsung Wave M user manual user guide pdf

Samsung Wave M S7250D . The most active users in social networks need a phone that allows them to connect to them at any time.

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The new wave of M S7250D offers better ergonomics have a large screen and instant messaging applications built so that you are always up to date . Instant chat function , direct access to messaging channels , improved Web browser and WiFi applications you will always know what’s happening . And all this on a phone with a comfortable ergonomic design , which allows you to manage each application much faster and easier.

If your social life is important to you, this is your phone. Kitten service available on the Samsung Wave M S7250D allows you to chat instantly with anyone you like without having to sign up with ID or password. Social Hub 2.0 provides two different communication channels and in chronological order : one with your e -mails and messages, and the other with updates to your social networks. And all this in sync with your address book, and calendar , to be informed of important dates and more easily manage your busy social life.

The phone interface is completely customizable templates with improved, allowing you a more intuitive navigation and a better user experience . You can customize the panel data directly in real time as well as the home screen , with direct access to content that is most important and useful for you.
Thank you in 3D and multitouch effect will be much easier to create and view folders . Music Hub is leading with 12 million songs available , so you ‘ll enjoy any kind of music .

A simple, elegant and ergonomic design. It is a device with clean lines and a wide screen of 3.65 ” which offers a very elegant look, and with which you can comfortably read your posts and enjoy your photos and videos.

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