Samsung Wave 3 S8600 Manual And User Guide PDF

Samsung Wave 3 user manua user guide pdf

Samsung S8600 Wave 3 . Design and intelligence gathered in a wave 3 , the most elegant smartphone, able to satisfy those looking for a device that will help you maintain an active social life without neglecting the design and elegance.

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Its metallic brushed aluminum casing gives it a unique style to your Samsung S8600 Wave 3 , while the applications and integrated services that you are always aware of your new social network , enjoy your music and games , and Web pages and share content, and all in a small footprint. In addition, universal kitten courier with new features such as group chat , they will have the best possible user experience.

Bada OS 2.0 . Enjoy all the new features of the new Bada 2.0 system is for you. Customize your desktop in real time or your favorite widgets , image gallery or more frequent contact . Create folders and makes fun dynamic 3D previews for better visual access to applications and content. Thank you to the WiFi direct connection can connect directly to your Samsung Wave 3 and send another WiFi device and share content, print wirelessly, or play multiplayer without an access point . Use the alert not to miss a single post or work with multiple applications simultaneously to save time .

Services and integrated applications. Applications and games designed for bada 2.0 occupy little space and are very simple and useful . 2.0 Social Hub integrates your application in a single phone book , calendar, as well as your social networks, e- mails and SMS messages. In addition, your messages and streams are separated so that you can decide what to watch and when.

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